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The Ferrets

Eric Shefferman's page  -- you can reach me by emailing "eric" (my name) at (my name) "shefferman.com" - Fancy, huh?

Went to Massapequa High School, class of 1984. Went to RPI.

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Here's my first secret movie!  --- USE THIS LINK!
it's 1228K - so if you have a slow connection, you may want to right click and save it to your computer first
Yes - it is rough - but it's just a basic equipment test. The real nifty stuff comes soon!
Special Thanks to Jarrod for the Play-Doh! I just love the taste of that stuff!

For those of you who would prefer RealMedia format, here's 2 other versions (of the same movie):
(again - right click to save the file to your computer and then play it if it doesn't stream well)

First secret movie as a 56K streaming file (looks kinda bad)

First secret movie as a better quality streaming file (1127K)

OK - here's another movie (also featuring a bit of Jarrod's Play Doh)

Choose the link you like best

McCoy - Windows Media - 1.1 Meg File

McCoy - Windows Media - 2.8 Meg File --- USE THIS LINK!

McCoy - RealMedia - 1.2 Meg File

McCoy - RealMedia - 1.9 Meg File


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