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The Ferrets

    Our Ferrets -- in order of appearance...

Sabrina Sabrina was our first ferret. She was a chocolate-colored ferret. She was really great. She lived to be 8 years old, which is pretty darned good for a ferret. We didn't have a lot of nicknames for her; mostly, we called her 'Brina or, as she got older, Little Old Lady.
Ralph Ralph was a blaze ferret. He was our second ferret. He was a great little boy. He had a unique personality that endeared him to everyone he met. And he was cute. Ralph did not believe in gravity. Ralph had quite a few nicknames. We called him Ralph-a-Roo, Roo, Ralphie, FatRalph (in the winter, when he was fat), Roo-Boy, and others.
Marshmallow Marshmallow was our first albino. He was the sweetest little boy you could ever want. He was easy-going, never one to get into a tussle over a treat. Marsh had a few nicknames, too. Marshamoo, Shmoo, Sha-moo, Sha-moo-moo, Marshy, and others.
Knuks Knuks was a dark-eyed white. She didn't start out that way, though. She was all white with a dark stripe down her back -- like a skunk in reverse. So her name was skunk spelled backwards. Her nickname's included Piglet, Piggie, Pigletroid, Piggly Wiggly, Knukleberry, Knuklehead, Knukleberry Finn.
Trixie Trixie is our cinnamon girl. She's very sweet, but gets a little loopy every once in a while and decides that Eric's sneaker must die. We like to call her Trickle-Pickle, Trickley-Pickley, Trixie Pixie, Pixie, Pix, and Trix.

Bosco da Gama

Bosco was brown. He was a wonderful little boy who loved to play. He also liked to climb up on Mary's back and walk around. Actually, he did that to other people too. Bosco was a firm believer in gravity. We liked to call him Bosco Osco, Bosco Boy, Brown Boy, and My Favorite Brown Boy.
Balthazar Balthazar is a silver-mitt. He loves to be held (especially by Mary -- he's a mama's boy). He's very playful and he sulks for attention. Balthazar has been on TV a few times, but he hasn't let it go to his head. He doesn't really have nicknames, he just gets called Bal or Bal Bal. Sometimes we refer to him (and to Gabby) as The White Footeds.
Cauliflower Cauliflower is a giant albino (excuse me, albeeno) from England. He is very friendly and he really likes to play with people (more than he likes to play with other ferrets). He has a cauliflower ear from his mom, who used to beat him up. His nicknames are Cauli and Flower Boy. We refer to him as a "bino" -- as in, "He's all bino!" Silly, isn't it?
Koosh Koosh is an angora ferret. He is very hairy. He loves to play and he, too, sulks if he doesn't get enough attention (all the attention is never enough attention!). We call him a hairball. Actually, his nicknames are a bit more extensive than that -- he's The Hairy Hairball, KooshKoosh, Kooshel, Koosh Monster, and Hairy Thing.
Gabrielle Little Gabrielle is a noisy ferret. She is a panda wannabe -- which means she doesn't quite know what she wants to be. She's just plain adorable. She likes to poop little poops everywhere. And she likes to be cute. She's often called Gabby or Gabba-Girl or Gabs.


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